THE GOODS playlist-July 23 2006

No, we haven't been on holiday, but the trusty computer at CKUT hasn't exactly been co-operating the last couple of weeks, so the archives aren't available for the last 3 weeks shows. No matter. Some great tunes from your boys this week, so read on....

Scott C doin' the do...
1. Norman Weekes- The Revelation
2. Don Ray ft. Alma Horton- Give a Little(Dubline mix)
3. Just One- Questions
4. Quantic- Tell it Like You Mean it
5. Mudfoot Jones- Mamma's Spanish Joint
6. Arabesque- Ouwie
7. Narcy- One Love
8. The Evil D's- So Glad
9. Tiombe Lockhart- You Need Me
10.Groove Collective- What If
11.Dwele- Flapjacks

Andy Williams has finally moved in...
12. Rolondo Alphonso-Up Fully
13. Noel Ellis- To Hail Salassie
14. Gainsbourg- Javanise Remake
15. Miroslav Vitos- Bassamba
16. Michel Vuylsteke Orchestra- Les Sable de St. Pierre
17. Working Week- Venceremos
18. Gil Scott Heron- Essex
19. Melvyn Price- Behind Kungstradgarden
20. Yusef Lateef- Bishop School
21. Sabu Martinez- My Christina
22. Romano Mussolini- Blues for Alexandra
23. Ed Thigpens Action Re-Action- Action Re-Action
24. Lubos Andrst- Energit