The GOODS playlist: Sunday March 26 2006

Andy Williams session....

1. Babatunde & Phenomena "Levels of Consciousness"
2. Don Crawford "I Too Wanted Peace"
3. Harry Belafonte "Tunga"
4. Eddie Jefferson "Freedom Jazz Dance"
5. Billy Robinson "Quebec on My Mind"
6. Sun Ra "Moon Dance"
7. Mike Brookes "Sitting And Waiting"
8. Carlton and the Shoes "Never Give Your heart Away"
9. The Specials "A Message to You Rudy"
10. Madness "Madness"
11. Talking Heads "Slippery People
12. The The "Soul Mining"
13. Art of Noise "Slip of the Tongue"

Scott C second hour pressure...

1. Steve Miller "Space Intro."
2. Heatwave "Star of the Story"
3. The Cyrkle "The Visit"
4. Eddie Hazel "Frantic Moment"
5. Remy Costy "Scrabble"
6. Visioneers "Paul's Guitar Story"
7. Gap Mangione "Diana in the Autumn Wind"
8. Dionne Warwick " You're gonna need me"
9. J Dilla "Stop"
10. Smokey Robinson "Much Better Off"
11. Elzhi "Love it here"
12. Saian Supa Crew "Tanaka Sound"
13. Dj Numark " Flute Fidelity"
14. J Dilla " Air Works"
15. Ghostface/J Dilla " Strap"
16. Tanya Morgan "Hip-hop is Dead"
17. 10cc "The worst band in the world"
18. Trina Brossard "Inside my love"


The Goods playlist: Sunday March 12 2006

Scott C warms it up...
1.Benny Sings- Follow the Light (Sonar Kollektiv)
2.Beady Belle- Shadow (Jazzland)
3.Jazmine Sullivan- Braid Your Hair (Ether)
4.J Sands-Southern Lady (BUKA)
5.Exile ft. Kardinal Offishall-Smoke & Mirrors (Sound In Color)
6.Exile-Silver Moon (Sound In Color)
7.Mobb Deep-Peer Pressure (4th and Broadway)
8.Brand Nubian-Step to the Rear (Elektra)
9.Gangstarr-BYS (Chrysalis)
10.Eric B and Rakim-Don't Sweat the Technique (MCA)
11.MF Doom- My Favorite Ladies/Madlib rmx (white)
12.Prince Paul ft Big Daddy Kane- Macula's Theory (Tommy Boy)
13.Yo-Yo-You Can't Play with my Yo-Yo (Interscope)
14.Sa-Ra- Smokeless Highs (Sound In color)

Andy Williams does his thing
1. The Hykkers- God Gave His Only Son (HMV)
2. Les Shleu Shleu- Aie Tiou Aie
3. Adjoa- Cry Your Own Cry
4. Byron Lee- Jump Up
5. Wilson Simonal- Silvia Lenheira
6. Luis Kalaff- La Bosa y el Boss
7. Wayne Gorbea-Armanioso
8. Edison Machado- Menin Travesso
9. Groupo de Experimentaction- Rie y Bosteza
10. Juan Formel & Los Van Van- Hasta la Semana que Viene
11. J
air RodriguesJ- Casa Santa
12. Joey Pastrana- Pastrana IIego
13. Climaco Sarmiento-La Cigarra
14. Dibango & Pepto- Wachiwara