The Goods playlist: Sunday March 12 2006

Scott C warms it up...
1.Benny Sings- Follow the Light (Sonar Kollektiv)
2.Beady Belle- Shadow (Jazzland)
3.Jazmine Sullivan- Braid Your Hair (Ether)
4.J Sands-Southern Lady (BUKA)
5.Exile ft. Kardinal Offishall-Smoke & Mirrors (Sound In Color)
6.Exile-Silver Moon (Sound In Color)
7.Mobb Deep-Peer Pressure (4th and Broadway)
8.Brand Nubian-Step to the Rear (Elektra)
9.Gangstarr-BYS (Chrysalis)
10.Eric B and Rakim-Don't Sweat the Technique (MCA)
11.MF Doom- My Favorite Ladies/Madlib rmx (white)
12.Prince Paul ft Big Daddy Kane- Macula's Theory (Tommy Boy)
13.Yo-Yo-You Can't Play with my Yo-Yo (Interscope)
14.Sa-Ra- Smokeless Highs (Sound In color)

Andy Williams does his thing
1. The Hykkers- God Gave His Only Son (HMV)
2. Les Shleu Shleu- Aie Tiou Aie
3. Adjoa- Cry Your Own Cry
4. Byron Lee- Jump Up
5. Wilson Simonal- Silvia Lenheira
6. Luis Kalaff- La Bosa y el Boss
7. Wayne Gorbea-Armanioso
8. Edison Machado- Menin Travesso
9. Groupo de Experimentaction- Rie y Bosteza
10. Juan Formel & Los Van Van- Hasta la Semana que Viene
11. J
air RodriguesJ- Casa Santa
12. Joey Pastrana- Pastrana IIego
13. Climaco Sarmiento-La Cigarra
14. Dibango & Pepto- Wachiwara

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The Grza said...

LA is so hot right now.

Exile, Flying lotus, GB, the list goes on...