The GOODS playlist: Sunday May 1st

We decided to actually play a set each today, and it worked out great. As always, me and Andrew compliment each other beautifully.

1. Sharon Jones "I Just Dropped in to see what Condition my Condition was in" (Daptone)
2. The Mighty Imperials "Joseph's Popcorn" (Daptone)
3. Blendcrafters "Imagine" 7" (Up Above)


4. Billy Martin "Funky Feelin" (Strawberry Soul)
5. Eero Koivistoinen Music Society "Hot C" (Warner Finlad)
6. Stone Alliance "Uncle Jemima" (PM Records)
7. Woody Herman "The Hut" (Cadet)
8. Hampton Hawes "Web" (Prestige)
9. Red Astaire "Roling Stone" (GAMM)
10. Freddie Kruger "Live 4 Love" (Swedish Brandy)
11. Augusta "See Through You" (Play Records)
12. Capstone "I Didn't Know" Aaron Jerome remix (WahWah)
13. Moodyman "Rectify" (Peacefrog)
14. Karl Denson "A Shorter Path" (Bluenote)
15. Terri Walker "Drawing Board" W&U mix (Rebutz)
16. Odetta "Hit or Miss" (Polydor)
17. Maxine Waldon "Make it With You" (Mainstream)
18. The Romanceers "Walking in the rain with the one I love" (Pickwick)

19. Povo "Hot Lips" (Raw Fusion)
20. Ivana Santilli "Breathe Inn" (Do Right)
21. Elmore Judd "You Said You were Different" (Above the Clouds)
22. Jeremy Ellis "Lotus" (Ubiquity)
23. Black Label Blend "Move" (Sound In Color)
24. Son of Scientist feat. Eska "The Drum" (Comet)
25. Slum Village "Soul Provider" (Sound In Color)
26. Jneiro Jarel feat. Dr. Who Dat & Rocque Wun "N.A.S.A." (Kindred Spirits)
27. Gold & Narcy "Facewash" (LPMusic)
28. GB "Phil Jackson" (Sound In Color)
29. Antibalas "P.A.Z." (Kajmere)

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