The Goods-Sunday January 8th 2006

1. Intro
Scott C on the cut...
2. Ursula Rucker -Chruch Party (K7)
2. Supastition -Chain Letters (Soulspazm)
3. Spymusic -Baby Steps (Spymusic)
4. J Davey -Mr Mister (CDR)
5. Jorun Bombay -In Memory of Roger (JorunBeats)
6. Sergio Mendes -Yes Yes Yall (CDR)
7. Sy Smith -Drop That (Psyko)
8. Bilal -You re All I Need (CDR)
9. Ursula Rucker -Poon Tang Clan (K7)
10. J Dilla - Workinonit (Stones Throw)
11. DEux Process - Compatibility (Avatar)
12. Dee Jay Dez -Let it Shine (CDR)
13. Elzhi -I Love It Here (Libido)
14. Hearin Aid -CD Niggas (Jugglin)
15. Bilal -Something to Hold on To (CDR)
16. Jamie Liddel -Game for Fools (Warp)

Andy Williams takes the wheels....
17. Aswad - Dub Fire (Mango)
18. Skatalites -Herb Man Dub (Soulfire)
19. Antibalas -N.E.S.T.A. (Ninja Tune)
20. Daktaris -Eltsmg Ibal Hasiti (Desco)
21. Joe Mensah -Africa is Home (Soundway)
22. Oscar Scully -Bukom Mashie=Natural Self mix(Soundway)
23. Antonio Carlos & Jocafi -Simbarere (RCA)
24. Adolphe Parillion -Lariseque (Quantette)
25. Fela Kuti -Everything Scatter (Celluloid)
26. Segun Okeji -Afro Super Feelings (Soul Patrol)
27. Frankoye -Campus Life (EMI)
28. Guy Warren├ęGinger Baker -Blood Brothers 69 (Polydor)
29. Assagai -Barazin Bar (EMI)

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