The GOODS playlist June 18th 2006

Scott C with the joints....

1. Sunship Ensemble- Atlantic Rising
2. Bugz in the Attic- Move Aside
3. Ben Westbeach- So Good Today(Domu rmx dub)
4. Ben Westbeach- So Good Today(original mix)
5. AC Lweis- Ticcles(Domu mix)
6. Omar- All For Me ft. Angie SAtone
7. Omar- Kiss it Right
8. Kardinal Offishall- Bellydancer (7D mix)
9. Arcee- Supereducated
10. 7D- I Hear Music
11. Choklate ft. Charli Tuna- Waitin
12. Umod- Question of Ill
13. Omar ft. Common. Rodney P- Gimme Sum
14. Frank n Dank- Ma Dukes
15. Gnarls Barkley- Crazy
16. Naila Kaleeta Mae- Gangsta Rap
17. Busta Rhymes- Can't Hold the Torch

Andy Williams releases the hounds...
1. Tosca- Chocolate Elvis
2. Mutabaruka- Spirit of Drums
3. Savoir Faire- One Inch Angels
4. Dwight Trible- Waves of Infinite Harmony
5. Amp Fiddler- Love & War
6. Lonnie Liston Smith- Peace & Love
7. New Cool Collective- Streets of San Francisco
8. Jimi Tenor- Take Off
9. Jumbonics- Jezebel
10. Metrix- What The Blunt
11. Fertile Ground- Another DEay
12. Mitchell & Dewbury- Jazz is Your Life
13. Espen Horne- Color Away
14. Kyoto Jazz Massive- The Brightness of these Days
15. Frestylers- Slammer
16. Nutmeg- Bicycle Kick
17. The Goods bumper
18. Artwork- Red

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