To Funk or not,or not to Funk -Are you feeling Funkified !

1.Zapp - Be Alright
2.Speedometer - The Real me
3.Denise LaSalle - Get up off my mind
4.Chocolate Milk - Action speaks louder than words
5.Slave - Slide
6.Parliament - Star Child
7.Ohio Players - Funk-O-Nots
8.Fatback Band - Let's Do it Again
9.Locksmith - Unlock the Funk
10.Bootsy Collins - Stretchin' Out
11.Jambalaise - chains on the mind
12.Chocolate Milk - Hey Lover
13.Peter Brown - Dance with me
14.Hamilton Bohannon - South African Man
15.Chariot Riders - Do it nice & easy
16.Denroy Morgan - I'll do anything for you
17.Sweat Band - Freak to Freak
18.The Reddings - Remote Control
19.Rafael Cameron - Funktown USA
20.Instant Funk - I got my mind made up
21.Syreeta - Quick Slick
22.Althea Forest & Togetherness - Hey Mister
23.T-Connection - Do what you wanna do
24.Disco Tex & The Sex-o-letters - Get Dancin'
25. Foster Sylvers - Misdemeanor
26.Twennytynne & Lenny White - Kids Stuff
27.The Time - Get it up
28.King Tutt & The Untouchables - Let's keep on junkin'
29.Dynamic Concept - La Da Da
30.Fellowship - Funky Fever
31.Jenny's Daughters - Dirty Feet
32.The Quickest Way Out - Tick Tock Baby
33.Betty Wright - Slip & Do it
34.The Fatback Band - Keep on steppin'
35.Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St. Band - What can you bring me
36.MIAMI - Chicken Yellow
37.Esperanto- Night of the Wolf
38.Juggy Murray Jones - Inside of America
39.FOXY - Get Off your AHHH ! & Dance

Big Ups To TY G,DAM FUNK & Off Course Scott C

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