"the goods",May24th,2009


1.Afrodisiac Soundsystem - As Are
2.Diverse (Prefuse 73/Instr.) - Jus Biz
3.Monk One - Family Tree
4.Hearin' Aid - Move
5.Mahlon Stewart - Dem Gals (Emo Remix)
6.Afrodisiac Soundsystem(Aloe Black) - Superstar
7.McNeal &Niles - Summer Fun
8.Sharon Jones - Dap Dip
9.Freddie Cruger - The Hustle
10.Quantic Soul Orch. - San Sebastien Strut
11.The Expressions - Money is King
12.New Mastersounds - Give me a minute
13.Afro-Scanian Music Continum Recouted - Damn !
14.Nicodemus -Funky in the Middle
15.Hydrophonic Soundsystem - Heat
16.Martin Brew - Galactico
17.The Budos Band - Volcano Song
18.Nostagia 77 - Freedom
19.Unao Black - Na Palma da Mao
20.Lord Rhaburn - Disco Connection
21.Jesus Acosta & The Professionals - Guajida
23.Soldiers of Twilight - Believe
24.Mark De-Clive-Lowe - Travelling
25.Mark Rae - Medicine
26.Ramjac - Spiral
27.Right Kinda Wrong - Why You
28.Visioneers - Smoker

Christelle Franca's LIVE Mix/Soundscapes :

1-personal recording: cicadas around my house in Provence, 2008
2-Irma Thomas : soul of a man
3-Joe dukie and DJ Fitchie: midnight marauders
4-Louis 2000:Kassoumaye
5-personal recordings from my first arrival in Beyrouth, 2007
6-Zeid Hamdam and Hibba: Yalla Tnam
7-Najat: el Bahr
8-personnal sound collage, recordings from lebanon, 2007
9-Moriarty: Enjoy the Silence
10-Tok Tok Tok: 50 ways to leave your lover
11-David Sicar: Maloya
12-Daniel Melingo: Narigon
13-Personnal recordings from Sainte Sara' day (sainte of the gypsies) ,2008
14-Dj Click and Ghetonia: to proto
15-personnal recording: mediterranee 2009
16-Rima: Souleyman

Lovely Show Mate(s)

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