"the goods"August 16th,2009

Strictly Canadian Content Folks !

1. Time Warp - Nima na Kombo
2.Milt Sealy - Hurry Sundown Blues
3.Ekseption -Piece for a Symphonic Rock Group in A Minor
4.Toubabou - Ambush
5.Ville Emard Blues Band - Soumis
6.Boule Noire - La Balance qui balance
7.Moleskine - New Man
8.Patsy Gallant - Get that Ball
9.Crack of Dawn - Put your money where your mouth Is
10.Robert Charlebois/Louise Forestier - Engagement
11.Billy Martin - Egg Roll
12.Hot Tamales - Out of sight
13.Billy Martin - It's your Life
14.Demo Cates - Spontaneous Funk
15.Le Pouls - Ocean Cosmique
16.Tropical Energy - La Destinee
17.Indigone Trio - Smacked
18.Elizabeth Shepherd - Parkdale
19.Dessy Di Lauro - Shout Out
20.Swing Dynamique - Stuck in a groove
21.Robertson - Heaven
22.People project - Segundo Pisa
23.The Soul Jazz Orchestra - Grasshopper & Toad
24.Follow Follow - Forks of Wa
25.Afrodizz - No Time (Moonstarr Remix)
26.LAL - Everyday in February

See you at the end of October after Globetrotting - Hold it down Scottie !

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