"the goods"February 21st,2010

Happy Black History Year ! Andy Williams on the 1's & 2's

1.Duke Ellington - A Drum is a Woman
2.Quincy Jones - Oh Lord ! Come by here
3.Nikki Giovanni - All I gotta do
4.Sarah Webster Fabio - A tribute to Duke Ellington
5.Jack Kerouac - Carlie Parker
6.James Brown - that's my desire
7.Donald Byrd Band & Voices - Cristo Redentor
8.Horace Silver - Gods of Yoruba
9.Max Roach - Let my people
10.Abbey Lincoln - Africa
11. Oliver Lake - Africa
12.Max Roach - Garvey Ghost
13.Max Roach - All Africa
14.Last Poets - A tribute to Obabi
15.Doug Carn - Chant
16.Father Holung & the Children of the Caribbean - Lamb of God
17.Archie Shepp - It's the year of the Rabbit
18.Archie Shepp - African Drum Suite (Part 1&2)
19.Ahmed Abdul Malik - El Ghada
20.Art Farmer - Mau Mau
21.Louis Hayes - Little Sunflower
22.Pharoah Sanders - Heart is a melody of time
23.Sonny Rollins - Jugunso
24.Olatunji - Uhuru
25.A.K.Salim - Pepe za Sarari

Ben Lamdin from Nostalgia 77 will be at the goods (Sat./Feb. 27th @ Sala Rossa)

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