the goods playlist Sunday May 30th

Strictly 45's (Soul,Boogie,& Disco) - Andy Williams pon di controls

1.Ramsey Lewis/Earth,Wind,and Fire - Sun Goddess
2.El Michels Affair - Behind the Blue Curtains
3.El Michels Affair - Cream
4.Faruk Green - The Insane Bus Driver
5.Kutiman - Chaser
6.The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Midnight Groove
7.Quasimoto - Rap Chats (Part.3)
8.Marvin Gaye - Witness
9.Tribe - The World should learn out to party together
10.John Edwards - Claim Jumpin'
11.New Birth - I can understand it
12.Barrett Strong -Is it true
13.Rimshots - Do what you feel
14.Alfonzo - Lowdown
15.Ron Holden - I need ya
16.Wayne Carter - Wahoo,wahoo,wahoo
17.Denise LaSalle - Get up off my mind
18.Speedometer - The Real me
19.Don Gregory & The Soul Trainers - Soul line
20.Quantic and his Combo Barbaro - Enyere Kumbara
21.John Roberts - Sophisticated Funk
22.James Brown -The Popcorn
23.Jess Gresham Plus 3 - Shootin' the Grease
24.Marvin Holmes & The Uptights -Ride your mule
25.Cliff Nobles & Co. - The Horse
26.Marvin Holmes -OOMPH
27.James Gadson/Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Band
28.Herbie Hancock -Ready or Not
29.The O'Jays - Give the people what they want
30.The Fatback Band - Keep on Steppin'
31. Peter Brown - Dance with me
32. Crown Heights Affair - Foxy Lady
33.Juggy Murray Jones - Inside America
34.The Love Unlimited Orchestra -My Sweet Summer Suite
35.Double Exposure - Ten Percent
36.Crystal Grass - Crystal World
37.Ultrafunk - Sting your jaws
38.Foxy - Get off your AAH & Dance

Nice One Scottie ! Slakah the Beatchild & Co were refreshing...