The Goods playlist: Sunday October 1st 2006

Andy Williams wake 'n bake...
1.Hugh Masekela - What is wrong with groovin'
2.Eddie Jefferson - A Night in Tunisia
3.Hugh Masekela - A Night in Tunisia
4. James Moody - Zanzibar
5. Don Pullen - Kadji
6. Frank Strozier Sextet - Kram Samba
7. Esquivel - In a Persian Market
8. Jay Mitchell -Space Junka
9.Alton Miller (Henrik Schwarz Remix) Clouds are gone
10.Charlie Dark Remix - Phiadelphia Experiment

Scott C comes alive

11. Daz I Kue- Watch Those Melons
12. Oh No- Gimme That
13. Yellowtail- Over This
14. Flying Lotus- Fall in Love
15. Exile- Amazing (instrumental)
16.Daz I Kue- WE are Family/Justin Timberlake -Sexy Back (instr)
17.Ed Motta-
18.Exile- Planet OX ver 2
19.GB- Papa Smurf
20.Shurikan- Living Inside
21.Bunny Mac- Let Me Love You
22.ESG- Insane
23.Defari-I make my Own

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