"the goods",December 20th,2009

Black Stars in the East - Welcome to another Edition (Begging to Differ )

1.Quantic - The Dreaming Mind
2.Horace Silver - The Gods of Yoruba
3.Thomas Mapfumo - Jaju-mu jackacha
4.DAM - African-Scanian Music Continum Re-routed
5.Cisse Aboulaye & Super Volta - A son Magmi
6.Malatu Astatke (Feat:Belaynesh Wubante/Assegedetch Asfaw - Alemiye
7.Royal Steel Band of Kingston,Jamaica -Mambo Mento
8.Mighty Sparrow - Music & Rhythm
9.Nicola Conte - Mambo de los Dandies
10.LAL (Moonstarr Remix) - Shallow Water
11.Dynamoe(Quantic Remix) - In your own time
12.LAL (Allister Johnson Remix) - Saturn
13.Dj Kentaro - Tasogare Highway High
14.Assimilation - Shalom Salaam Peace
15.Assimilation (Kid Loops Remix) - Tik Tok
16.Bo-Square -Outer Space Suite
17.Charles Rouse - Hopscotch
18.Capricorn College Brass -Capricorn College
19.Rex Brown Company - Hot Track
20.The Group - The Feed-Back
21.Guido &Maurizo De Angelis - Il Libanese
22.Mario Molina - Chitarra sit
23.Piero Umiliani - Danza Citar Free
24.Wadih Essafi - Aandak Baharia ya Rayess
25.Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Noor Azli Chamkia
26.Joe Harriot Double Quartet - Raga Gaud-Saranga
27.David Frost & Dr.Billy Taylor - Black Star in the East

See you on the 27th with a Modern Reggae Special full of consciousness - Irie !

Andy Williams

Big Ups to Jasmine (Tru Thoughts) & Congrats to Francois Fayad !

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