"the goods",Sunday,Dec.13th,2009

Salutations to the Thru Thoughts Crew

1.Bonobo - Terrapin
2.Natural Self - Our lives are like waveforms through time
3.Unitone - Feller me Lad
4.Nostalgia 77 (Beth Rowley) - Quiet Dawn
5.Natural Self - Even Planets get lonely
6.Belleruche - Northern Girls
7.Nostalgia 77 Octet - Musical Silt
8.Flevans - Second Bite
9.Kinny/Nostalgia 77 - Desire
10.Natural Self (Elodie Rama) - Midnight Sun
11.Natural Self (Andreya Triana) - The Rising
12.TM Juke (Sophie Faricy) - Come Away
13.Miles Benjamin - Chop that Wood
14.Lanu - Dis-Information
15.Natural Self - Days get Brighter
16.HINT - One Woman Army
17.Alice Russell -All Ever Now
18.The Bamboos (Lyrics Born) - Turn it Up
19.Flevans(Sweet Laredo)- Notion
20.Wikkaman & Ulysses - Inspirational Flame
21.Jinadu -Turning the tide

See you at our NYE Bash @ Sala Rossa (4848 St.Laurent Blvd.)

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